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Grand Kaizen is one of the best Roblox games inspired by the famous anime & manga series Jujutsu Kaisen. The game is a c…
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Grand Kaizen is one of the best Roblox games inspired by the famous anime & manga series Jujutsu Kaisen. The game is a classic RPG title that all the Roblox fans have known for years.

The game is packed with fast-paced fights, cool abilities from the original anime, and tons of grinding to become more powerful.

grand kaizen introduction

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Grand Kaizen is a complex game, especially if you are making the first steps in Roblox RPGs. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. This is the ultimate Grand Kaizen beginner guide that will explain everything you should know about the game.

Grand Kaizen: Attributes

grand kaizen attributes

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Attributes are one of the most important things in Grand Kaizen. They define the different strengths of your character. These are four main attributes in Grand Kaizen:

  • Strength (the stat defining how much damage your basic attack can do)
  • Durability (the stat defining how much damage your character can withstand)
  • Inbued Cursed Energy (the stat defining how powerful your cursed techniques are)
  • Cursed Energy Reserve (the stat determining how much cursed energy is at your disposal)

Strength and Inbued Cursed Energy are the best attributes to upgrade for beginners. They will help you to clear quests way faster than normally you would be able to.

grand kaizen best attributes

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On the other hand, don’t waste your points to upgrade Durability and Cursed Energy Reserve. These attributes don’t provide any advantages during the battle, so there is no point in upgrading those stats at the current state of the game.

Grand Kaizen: Skill Tree

grand kaizen skill tree

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The skill tree is another important system in Roblox: Grand Kaizen. It allows you to customize your character playstyle and unlock new abilities by collecting Skill Points. 

As you level up, you earn Skill Points which you can invest in different branches of a tree, such as sword, cursed, and passive techniques.

  • Sword Techniques: This branch improves your basic attacks, and unlocks new combos and special moves that can deal increased damage to the enemies.
  • Cursed Techniques: This branch upgrades and unlocks powerful abilities provided by your selected Jujutsu style, such as fireball, teleportation, and other techniques.
  • Passive Skills: This branch improves your overall stats, such as health, damage resistance, movement speed, and damage.

For beginners, the best option is to invest Skill Points into sword techniques and passive skills, as this allows them to complete quests and grind faster. We don’t recommend spending Skill Points on Cursed Techniques, as it’s useless in the early game stages.

Grand Kaizen: Weapons

grand kaizen all weapons

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There are multiple weapons to obtain in Grand Kaizen. Some can be purchased in the Weapon shop, while three of them, such as Hand Sword, Inverted Spear Of Heaven, and Kento Knife can be obtained by defeating bosses.

Anyway, it’s worth checking the list below and discovering more about each weapon in Grand Kaizen:

  • Yuta Sword
  • Inverted Spear of Heaven
  • Kento Knife
  • Hand Sword
  • Slaughter Demon
  • Tetsubo
  • Jet Black Blade
  • Staff

So far, the most powerful weapons are Inverted Spear of Heaven and Kento Knife, while the worst ones are Jet Black Blade and Staff. These weapons are weak, but still better than nothing.

grand kaizen weapons

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Grand Kaizen: Cursed Techniques

Just like in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe, Grand Kaizen has cursed techniques – powerful abilities powered up by Cursed Energy. Each cursed technique has a specific Jujutsu style and offers specific strengths to your character.

grand kaizen cursed tecnhiques

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In the list below, you’ll find all the cursed techniques in Grand Kaizen ranked from the strongest to the weakest:

grand kaizen bosses

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Like in the Jujutsu Kaizen world, there are bosses in Grand Kaizen. At the moment of writing, there are only three bosses in Grand Kaizen:

  • Haruta
  • Toji
  • Nanami
  • Maki

Farming these bosses will give you the chance to get unique weapons, such as Hand Sword, Inverted Spear Of Heaven, and Kento Knife. However, be ready to grind a lot, as there’s only a 2% chance of getting an exclusive weapon by killing the boss.

Pro Tip: Each boss has weaknesses and specific attack patterns. Pay attention to their behaviors and learn to dodge their attacks to take them down efficiently. 

Grand Kaizen: EXP Grind Strategy

grand kaizen grind exp strategy

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Grand Kaizen has tons of grinding, so there is no such thing as leveling up fast. Still, we have multiple tips that will help you to progress faster in this Roblox experience.

  • Obtain x2 EXP boosts and use them while leveling up. This doubles the amount of EXP you get
  • Focus on the game while playing and put away everything that might disturb you from the grind
  • If possible, invite your friends who play Grand Kaizen. Grinding together is always more interesting than playing solo
  • Use all the stat points to increase your strength, as it’s the most important stat for grinding

Now that you know useful tips, keep reading the guide and discover the specific leveling-up strategy from level 1 to 100.

Level 1-10

To get the first few levels in Grand Kaizen, you’ll need to find and talk with the quest-giving NPC called Peter. Gamers can find him outside of the Jujutsu Preliminary building. 

grand kaizen peter

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Peter will give you a quest to defeat Keino enemies around the area, and you should do it repeatedly until you reach level 5.

On level 5, go ahead and use some codes from our guide. It will give you free spins and x2 EXP Boosts that will help you to level up.

Now when you’ve obtained rewards, go ahead and claim them. If you obtain some good curse power, it will help you to level up much faster.

Once done, go ahead and continue grinding Peter until level 10 (don’t worry, it’s the most boring part of the entire grind).

Level 10-20

Once you reach level 10, you can grab your first weapon called Tetsubo. This is the strongest weapon at the beginning of the game, so it will help you to grab EXP much faster.

grand kaizen megumi

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Now you need to find another quest-giving NPC called Megumi. He will ask you to defeat monsters around him and will reward you with EXP and a weapon called Slaughter Demon.

However, it’s important to note that Tetsubo is a superior weapon as it’s capable of dealing more damage than Slaughter Demon.

That said, you should just repeat the process until level 15. That took me roughly an hour, but you can do it faster with better preparation and EXP boosters.

Level 15-20

Once you reach level 15, you should find the quest giver called Alexia. She’s located after climbing up the stairs behind Megumi, so finding Alexia won’t be a serious issue.

grand kaizen alexia

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Talking with Alexia, you should pick up the quest to defeat your first boss, Haruto. All you need to do is to kill Haruto over and over until you get to level 20.

Although she’s way more powerful than previous opponents, Haruto has a 2% chance to drop an exclusive Hand Sword weapon. I haven’t obtained it, but you might be a bit luckier.

Level 20-75

At level 20, grinding more levels becomes almost useless. At this point, you will have unlocked almost all the content, including farming bosses, playing with friends, and collecting powerful weapons.

However, if you’re looking to max out your level and prepare for future updates, here’s a strategy to do so.

grand kaizen Shaolin

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Walk across the path that goes near Megumi, and you’ll spot an NPC called Shaolin on the left hand. This NPC will be your best friend in Grand Kaizen, as he’s the main grind NPC until level 75.

Shaolin will ask you to kill three Cursed Spirits around him. Each one drops 20 EXP, so you can get 560 EXP in total.

Level 75-100

If you get level 75 but desire to keep pushing the level doesn’t disappear, you can get level 100, which is currently the maximum level in Grand Kaizen.

grand kaizen panda

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First, gamers should head to the Jujutsu High and find the quest-giving Panda NPC next to one of the entrances. Panda will ask you to kill Maki, who is the most powerful boss in Grand Kaizen at the moment of writing.

By doing it repeatedly, players can get level 100. However, keep in mind that it will take much longer, even up to a few hours.

Grand Kaizen Codes + How To Redeem

grand kaizen codes

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Before you enjoy the immersive graphics and story mode based on the famous anime series Jujutsu Kaisen, I highly recommend you redeem the Grand Kaizen codes. These are special freebies that provide players with crucial resources that can help during the most challenging fights.

The table below contains all the active codes as of January 2024:

  • BugFixes2: 5 Free Spins
  • ReRelease: 25 Free Spins
  • BugFixes: 10 Technique Rerolls
  • 15kLikes!: 15 Free Spins
  • 20kLikes!: 15 Free Spins
  • MobileFixes: 5 Free Spins
  • HappyNewYear: 25 Free Spins, x2 EXP Boost

These codes might expire soon, and we’ll keep you informed when new developers add new freebies for Grand Kaizen.

grand kaizen code redeemed

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To redeem codes in Grand Kaizen, players should follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Open Roblox and launch Grand Kaizen
  2. Choose any of the available game modes
  3. Press M on your keyboard and head to the menu
  4. In the menu, choose the option Settings
  5. Enter the active code into the proper text box
  6. Press the button Redeem and claim free rewards

grand kaizen redeem codes

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Grand Kaizen: Tips and Tricks

grand kaizen tips and tricks

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Every beginner guide must have useful tips and tricks, and this one is no exception. That said, here are multiple tips & tricks that will significantly improve your gaming experience. 

Set Your Keybinds

Before you set on the grind and start leveling up and unlocking new skills, it’s important to set combat keybinds. This will allow you to perform skills faster, thus significantly increasing your battle effectiveness. 

If you’re using a PC, the recommended buttons for keybinds are C, V, B, N, and X. However, you’re free to use any other buttons. If possible, try connecting a controller to play the game.

Don’t Be Afraid To Grind

grand kaizen grind

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As we’ve said previously, grind is a necessary part of any Roblox RPG title, and Grand Kaizen is not an exception. Players should spend long hours repeatedly fighting with bosses to get levels and Yen, which are the most important resources in the game.

You are not alone in this grind, but you can make the process a bit more exciting by using these tricks:

  • Listen to podcasts and watch your favorite series while grinding. This will make you feel that the time goes faster and boost your effectiveness
  • Communicate while grinding. You can chat with your friends or simply join the game’s official Discord server to find interesting people
  • Play the game your way, use the skill you like, and combo you enjoy to make the grind easier.

Make Friends Early

Grand Kaizen supports single-player mode, but, trust me, it’s much more interesting to master your skills and progress with friends. They can understand your desire to grind and help you on the road to level 75. However, this isn’t just about social perks and communication, it’s about the strategy and unlocking the full power potential.

I would recommend checking the Grand Kaizen Discord server if you want to find friends. Still, you also can visit the OverBlock Roblox group. There, gamers can chat with other players and enjoy some freebies.

grand kaizen conclusion

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That’s it with Roblox: Grand Kaizen beginners guide. We hope this guide was helpful and provided you with the knowledge and strategies to navigate the early levels, grind effectively, and become the powerful force in this Jujutsu Kaisen-inspired Roblox experience.

However, remember that this guide only starts your journey in Grand Kaizen. The game offers the entire world filled with secrets, powerful bosses, and endless opportunities to practice your skills and become the strongest player ever.

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