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The Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop has a lot of fun content for people who want to play an interesting idle RPG on their p…
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The Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop has a lot of fun content for people who want to play an interesting idle RPG on their phone.

Cutting down the Divine Tree to get EXP and gear is the main way to move forward in the game. But there are other, more important parts of how the game works, like PvP and PvE fights.

For these, you need to keep raising the Combat Power, getting strong beasts is one way to do this.

Nobody's Adventure


We have put together a full-tier list of the best Nobody’s Adventure Chop Chop Beasts in this guide. It will help you build a strong team and raise your CP.

Nobody’s Adventure Tier List

These levels show how strong and helpful the beasts are in different parts of Nobody’s Adventure, including PvE fights, PvP matches, and general growth.

Nobody's Adventure


To give you an idea of what each tier means, here it is:

  • S Tier: These are the best-performing beasts in the game. They have strong skills and special important stats like Stun, Dodge, and Healing. 
  • A Tier: Beasts in this group are also strong, but they may not be as skilled as those in the S Tier. This kind of fight still gives good rewards.
  • B Tier: These beasts are just normal in terms of numbers and skills, but they can still help if the right conditions come up.
  • C Tier: These are the beasts that aren’t very powerful in this game. You can still use them for newcomers but we strongly advise you to save your goods.

Nobody's Adventure


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They are the top beasts in Nobody’s Adventure. Be sure to look at our details for each of these beasts too, which we put near the end of this guide.

Nobody's Adventure


  • White Tiger
  • Vermillion Bird
  • Kylin
  • Black Tortoise
  • Azure Dragon


  • Nine-Tails
  • Suanni
  • Nian
  • Wuzhiqi
  • Jimeng
  • Luan
  • Yinglong


  • Huadou
  • Yingzhao
  • Pegasus
  • Lushu
  • Dijiang
  • Sheng-Sheng
  • Baize


  • Jade Rabbit
  • Yugong
  • Bee Elder
  • Yayu
  • Fengxi
  • Skylark
  • Root Dryad
  • Rodent
  • Fox
  • Apelet

Best Beasts Overview

Below is a short thought of the top 5 beasts in Nobody’s Adventure, all of which are in the S Tier:

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Vermillion Bird

Nobody's Adventure


  • Good for massive DPS

This strong bird is the best beast in Nobody’s Adventure Chop Chop. It has strong stats and can hit with great power, especially when used on a target that’s been shocked.

Its talent turns on once every 2 rounds and can hurt a lot, getting super big if the target is already frozen. It also lengthens how long they stay frozen.

This is very important for any player who wants to win both types of fights against PvE and PvP.

White Tiger

Nobody's Adventure


  • Great for combo attacks and burst damage

The White Tiger is a strong beast in the S Top level.

Its power to hurt targets hard in a short time makes it perfect for fast fights and beating foes quickly.

Its ability also makes your COMBO and CATK numbers better, giving you a higher chance of hitting multiple times in succession. This makes White Tiger a great help or part of any group.

Black Tortoise

Nobody's Adventure


  • Best for low CP teams and healing

Having the Black Tortoise, a strong beast in your group is good. It’s especially useful if your team has low Combat Power.

It can fix your hero by how much they hurt in the fight, and the healing boost may build up to five times. This is a good thing to have in fights, it helps you stay alive and gives help. It’s important for everyone concerned.


Nobody's Adventure


  • Best for support buffs

Kylin is a strong beast that can boost your power. It has very good numbers and you can add more easy special bonuses like Life Steal and Dodging.

This is why this beast is a great choice for those looking for more help in tough fights in Nobody’s Adventure.

Azure Dragon

Nobody's Adventure


  • Best for Crit-based squads and ATK buffs

Azure Dragon is a strong beast in Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop game. But it isn’t the best one and belongs to the S-class.

But don’t think it can only do small things. It is very strong and will improve your attack and chances of fast big damage in fights.

Nobody's Adventure


Final Thoughts

In Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop, you enjoy an exciting game similar to RPG. You get points and protection by cutting down trees as well as spending time in fights against others (PvP) and enemies (PvE).

To make yourself a better fighter, you need to get big beasts. 

This guide gives a full list that puts beasts into four types: S, A, B, and C. It tells which beasts are best based on special skills or power points they have.

S-tier beasts like Vermillion Bird and White Tiger have great strength. They are helpful for both winning fights in PvE mode or PvP games with others.

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