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Ascension Wysa is an application (app) experience where you engage with a friendly chat bot penguin to enhance well-being. Imagine a mood tracker, mindfulness coach, anxiety helper, and mood-boosting companion, all rolled into one. Always there for you when you need someone to interact with, Ascension Wysa helps keep track of your mood and combats stress and anxiety with its proven techniques and calming meditation and mindfulness audios. The app is free, anonymous and available 24/7. Accessible to associates and their immediate family, Ascension Wysa also links to customized care, such as myCare, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), On Demand Spiritual Care, Ascension Online Care and Behavioral Health resources.

Ascension Wysa is available for you through the big and small stressors of life by using science as a foundation to support your mental health. The app employs evidence-based techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), yoga and meditation to support you and help you manage stress, anxiety, deep sleep, loss and other mental health and wellness needs. Ascension Wysa also has a mental health assessment with depression and anxiety tests.

Think of Ascension Wysa as an AI friend you can chat with for free. Chat with the penguin or scroll through the extensive mindfulness exercises for anxiety relief, depression and stress management. Its therapy-based techniques and conversations make for a very calming therapeutic chat app whether you're looking to cope better with mental disorders, to manage stress or to boost your mental health. If you are dealing with stress, anxiety and depression or coping with low self-esteem, then interacting with Ascension Wysa can help you relax and get unstuck — it’s empathetic, helpful, and will never judge.

Used around the clock and trusted by 2,500,000 people, Wysa is an emotionally intelligent chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to respond to the emotions you express. Use tools and techniques that help you cope with challenges in a fun, conversational way. When you need extra support, you can easily connect with additional offerings, such as free and confidential counseling through the EAP; a one-on-one conversation with an Ascension chaplain, or care from a physician, psychiatrist or therapist through Ascension Online Care.

94% of people who have used the Wysa app find it helpful to their well-being. Here’s a look at what you get when you download Ascension Wysa:

— Vent or just reflect on your day

— Practice CBT and DBT techniques to build resilience in a fun way

— Use one of 40 conversational coaching tools which helps you deal with stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, worry, loss, or conflict

— Relax, focus and sleep peacefully with the help of 20 mindfulness meditation exercises

— Build confidence, reduce self-doubt and improve your self-esteem through core meditation and mindfulness, visualisation, confidence visualisation techniques, advanced mindfulness for self-esteem

— Manage anger and outbursts through mindfulness meditation exercises for compassion, calming your thoughts and practice breathing

— Manage anxious thoughts and anxiety through deep breathing, techniques for observing thoughts, visualization, and tension relief

— Get a burst of energy through visualisation and meditation exercises to increase positivity.

— Observe mindfulness, resolving technique, challenge negativity, practice breathing techniques to overcome worry

— Manage conflict at work, school or in relationships through special mindfulness and visualization techniques like empty chair exercise, gratitude meditation, exercises to build skills in having difficult conversations

— Connect quickly and easily to several other well-being offerings including myCare, EAP, On Demand Spiritual Care, Ascension Online Care and Behavioral Health resources

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